DTV Repack Check List

Your Station received a letter from the FCC with channel assignment information.
(if not call FCC hotline at 717-338-2868)

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What to do now with your repack?

Organize a Station “Repack Team”
  • Engineering / Technical Consultant
  1. Station Engineering – Local Station Lead Technical Person
  2. RF Consultant – FCC Applications
  3. System Design – Transmitter, Antenna, Tower, Transmission Line, Building Modifications
  4. Equipment Procurement – Vendor Selection, Request for Proposals, Bid Specifications
  5. Project Management if Required
  • Finance
  1. Budgeting for Project
  2. Reimbursement Processing
  3. Equipment Procurement Process
  • Legal
  1. FCC Counsel
  2. Tower Leases, Equipment Procurement
  3. Medical Notifications
  4. MVPD Notifications
  • Communications / Public Relations
  1. Public Communications Plan
  2. Channel Re-Scanning & Other Outreach
  • Management
  1. Manage Repack Process and Lead the Team
Preparation Checklist

Existing RF Equipment Inventory

Can existing equipment be returned or must it be replaced?

Evaluate new channel assignment for coverage matching (excluding interference)

Interference evaluation can only be completed once the Public Notice is released and all channels are known.

Determine if new antenna can replicate coverage with FCC Parameters

Limits on coverage expansion due to antenna differences

Start tower structural studies to determine if new antenna design can be accommodated by tower

  1. Determine what modifications to tower are required.
  2. Determine budget for tower modifications if needed.

Anything that precludes construction of new channel?

  1. Eligibility for Priority Window.
  2. Physical Constraint?

Develop System design of Antenna, Transmission Line, Transmitter, Mask Filter, etc.

FCC expects re-use of existing equipment to the extent possible.

Start vendor selection process:

  1. Request for Proposals, Bid Specifications, RFQ.
  2. Antenna, Transmission Line, Transmitter, Mask Filter/RF System.
  3. Tower Rigging / Installation Contractor (large cost with no real catalog ranges).
  4. Building Modifications – HVAC, Electrical, etc.

Develop Equipment Budgets based upon system design

Building Modifications

  1. Sufficient Building Space
  2. Removal of old equipment required?
  3. Electrical System Modifications
  4. HVAC / Cooling System Requirements/Modifications

Determine Build Out Sequencing, Plan, and Schedule

  1. Main Antenna / Aux Antenna first? – Antenna Installation sequence is VERY important – Availability of Tower Crew to return to site
  2. Temporary Antenna needed?
  3. Transmission Line Change Out?
  4. New Transmitter Installation
  5. All while staying on the air with existing channel
  6. Transition date for new channel

Determine if Zoning / Permitting Required

  1. Requirements and Process
  2. NEPA or other Environmental Issues?
  3. RFR Compliance during construction?

Develop written station transition plan to use as narrative for FCC Form 399

-Utilize Build Out Sequencing Plan and Schedule

Must stay on the air with existing equipment until transition date

How to remove and dispose old equipment once project is completed?

Important Deadlines
  • Stations unable to construct on their assigned channel must submit Waiver Request by June 12, 2017
  • DTV Station Construction Permit Application Form 2100 Filing Deadline is July 12, 2017
  • Deadline for submission of FCC Form 2100 Schedule 399 – Budget for Equipment is July 12, 2017
  • Priority Filing Window approximately August 12, 2017
  • Maximization Filing Window approximately September, 2017
Transition Progress Reporting

Stations must file with FCC Progress Reports form 2100 Schedule 387 to report on their transition plan progress

  • First Reports due October 10, 2017
  • Subsequently reports are filed by the 10th of the month following the calendar quarter until station ceases operations on pre-transition channel.

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